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Uncontested Texas Divorces

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An Uncontested Divorce in Texas is a divorce that is not challenged.

Agreed Texas Divorce
If both spouses have agreed to divorce and to the terms of their divorce, one spouse files the divorce papers at the courthouse and then gives the other spouse a copy.

The spouse who will not be filing the divorce papers only needs to sign a document (in which you will be provided with) acknowledging his/her agreement to divorce and request not to be served and the divorce proceedings can go on without him/her having to do anything else.

Default Divorce In Texas
This is usually done when one spouse refuses to sign divorce papers, but will not contest the divorce.

In a default divorce only the spouse who is filing is required to sign the divorce papers. That spouse notifies the other spouse by having the divorce papers served by a constable, sheriff or any other authorized process server.

If your spouse resides in another county or state and will not sign, you will need to forward the documents to either a sheriff/constable or an authorized process server in the county your spouse resides in to have him/her served.

The spouse who is served with the divorce papers is not required to sign anything. As long as they have been notified, their consent for the divorce is not required.

In order to use our service for a Default Divorce the spouse who is to be served cannot be an active member of the US Military.

Our Service is limited to Uncontested Texas Divorces (Agreed and Default Divorces) ONLY. If you feel that your divorce will be Contested, or if you are unable to locate your spouse you will need the aide of an attorney.
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