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Simple Do It Yourself Texas Divorce Process

Steps to follow when filing for a divorce

File your Divorce Papers at the District Clerk's Office in the county in which you reside in. If your spouse is the one who meets the residency requirements, you will have to file in the county in which he/she resides in. (You will receive all the necessary documents to file at your local courthouse from us)

Pay the filing fee: Fees differ from county to county. In some counties, most fees start at $200 and up. The fee is the same even if you have an attorney representing you. Once you have paid the filing fee, you do not have to pay any more fees to get your divorce. If you are from a low-income household, you may be able to get your filing fee waived. Click Here for more detailed information.

Notify your spouse: After you have filed for the divorce, you will give your spouse documents that he he/she will need to sign letting the court know that they are fully aware of the divorce proceedings.

Attending the Divorce Hearing and appearing before the Judge is the final step to finalizing your divorce. A hearing can be set any time after 60th day in which you filed for the divorce. In Texas a divorce cannot be granted sooner than 60 days. The time between the date you filed with the court for divorce and the date you attend the divorce hearing is considered the waiting period. The "waiting period" allows couples to possibly reconcile or settle any contested issues.

After the hearing , you will be a newly divorced single person. You will have to wait 31 days if you wish to marry another person. You can only remarry the person you divorced within that time frame.

This is the same process for lawyers and anyone who is doing their own divorce.

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